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phone. i remember where i was in hollywood on norton when my publicist and friend, heidi, told me that my first book had crossed a selling platform of 50,000 books. you have to understand. the truth is, i never thought about it from a financial standpoint. i never thought that it would be sold. i didn't really ever put the commerce behind it. for me, it was art. for me, it was just an expression. tavis: has money ever mattered to you? >> well, of course, of course. tavis: i'm serious. so as you've gotten more chronologically gifted 'cause you still look nice... >> i'm so regretting my outfit. i'm so sorry. [laughter] tavis: as you've gotten older -- >> because you're looking in my eyes and the last time i was here, you were doing a lot of this. i kept going like this, "tavis, what's going on?" tavis: yeah, yeah, okay. if money used to matter, as you've gotten older, what's taking its place? what does matter more now than commerce? >> truth. tavis: i like that. i'll high five you on that. >> high five me, baby. see? high fives. tavis: i like that, i like that. >> i'm making a movie
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1